17 October 2011

My own assignment

If nothing has clued you in yet, I'm a book fiend.  I read about fifty books each year.  I've challenged myself to read this:

Yep, all these books (well, except for the dictionary and thesaurus on top - that would be silly ;-).  For the element of surprise, I've asked my husband to select (assign?) the books to me.  (I don't think there'll be any science to it, probably something like the first one he grabs.)

None of these are brand new.  In fact, none of them were even purchased new.  ALL of them were gotten "frugally," at GoodWill (the GoodWill on the South Portland/Scarborough line has a CRAZY good book section) or at used book stores or library sales.  My financial investment is minimal, my emotional investment is significant.

So don't expect any hot-off-the-presses reviews, but I'll post about each one as I finish.  It'll keep me on task.  And it's good for me to write about literature.  I used to do it well; maybe I can still muster up mediocre.

Book #1: Andre Dubus III's House of Sand and Fog.  I've had this copy for some time, and I've NOT watched the film (because I also have a personal rule that I need to read the book FIRST).  But when the film was in theatres, my parents saw it, and Dad remarked, "What a sad, sad movie."  Very uncharacteristic for him to be emotional about a film.

At the end of House of Sand and Fog I'll let you know if I'm drenched in tears.  It could happen.


  1. I want to play! What a cool idea! How did you select the books to tackle? Are they "oh, I really should read that someday" selections? Are they largely from The Canon? All fiction? I wish I could figure out a way to get paid to stay home and read... can we make that happen? Anywho, good luck and I can't wait to hear how it's going!

  2. Thank you Jessica! Ooh yes, read along with me! ;-)

    Largely because of your inquiry, I've posted a list of the books here: http://themainepageturner.blogspot.com/2011/11/for-inquiring-mind.html

    So, some are the Canon, many are contemporary winners of Booker Prize, National Book Award, Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize for Literature, etc. Some of them are just books I think might be interesting! If there's something on the list you haven't read yet, feel free to suggest it as the next "assignment" and we can share our thoughts together!