24 January 2014

Obsessed with knitting

I've been reading, yes I have.  Believe me, that never stops.

But I've also been knitting.  A lot.  And thinking and reading about knitting.

I'm a lifelong knitter.  Like, nearly every day since I was 7.  And with this bitter cold weather we've had, all I want to do it wrap myself up in a whole heap of wool.

So I've been poring over knitting books and websites lately too.

17 January 2014

"Mom.... you're such a nag.....but, um, thanks....."

Lately I've been nagging my son a LOT about finishing the details of some of his assignments.  Especially the "make up" worksheets to earn back some point on some less-than-awesome grades on quizzes and tests.

Wednesday night I was the meanest mom in the world.

07 January 2014

Daniel Woodrell - Winter's Bone

I'm assigned to read Daniel Woodrell's newest book, The Maid's Version, for The Maine Readers' Choice Award Longlist, but I decided to preface that book with an earlier Woodrell, Winter's Bone.

It is a visceral, gripping novel, revealing a slice of life that is often ignored in America... grinding rural poverty.

03 December 2013

The Maine Readers' Choice Award Longlist is out!

I've made passing reference to the Maine Readers' Choice Award a couple of times... I'm a member of the 2014 Reading Committee.  Here's the skinny:

"The Maine Readers’ Choice Award, officially established in 2013 by the Maine State Library and the Maine Library Association, recognizes the best in adult  fiction published in the United States the previous year.  The aim of this award is to increase awareness and reading of literary fiction.  The Maine Readers’ Choice Award honors books that exhibit exceptional writing and a compelling story that encourages reading and conversation among individuals and in Maine’s communities."

Been wondering about the books under consideration for the 2014 Maine Readers' Choice Award?

Wonder no more!

25 November 2013

Overdue books - who gets my fine?

Most prolific library users I know have overdue fines.  Hey.... it happens.

I've even observed, or gotten caught up in, bizarre games of one-ups-man-ship about fines.
Photo courtesy: Elena Roussakis
Flickr Creative Commons

"I have, like, six dollars in fines right now."

"Six?  That's nothing!  I've got $22 in fines, and four books I just can't find."


I started this calendar year with a resolution not to incur ANY fines.  I held out for a few months, but like most people, my resolutions usually don't last all that long.  

I've probably paid $15-20 in fines over the last calendar year.  I console myself: well, I'm making a small contribution to the library with my fine money.  That's not such a bad thing, right?


18 November 2013

8 Reasons to Read 11/22/63

"The past is obdurate.  It doesn't want to be changed."  (p. 232)

ob-dur-ate [OB-duu-rit] adj. Stubborn; unyielding.

Alright, I know, I'm pandering to the 50th Anniversary of Kennedy's assassination, but first, I just HAD to read Stephen King's 11/22/63, and second, why NOT think and talk and write about it this week?

True confessions: I read it more than a year ago.  But it's one of those books I've wanted to let ferment.

There's a heap of reasons I liked 11/22/63, but here are my top 8 reasons: