24 January 2014

Obsessed with knitting

I've been reading, yes I have.  Believe me, that never stops.

But I've also been knitting.  A lot.  And thinking and reading about knitting.

I'm a lifelong knitter.  Like, nearly every day since I was 7.  And with this bitter cold weather we've had, all I want to do it wrap myself up in a whole heap of wool.

So I've been poring over knitting books and websites lately too.

17 January 2014

"Mom.... you're such a nag.....but, um, thanks....."

Lately I've been nagging my son a LOT about finishing the details of some of his assignments.  Especially the "make up" worksheets to earn back some point on some less-than-awesome grades on quizzes and tests.

Wednesday night I was the meanest mom in the world.

07 January 2014

Daniel Woodrell - Winter's Bone

I'm assigned to read Daniel Woodrell's newest book, The Maid's Version, for The Maine Readers' Choice Award Longlist, but I decided to preface that book with an earlier Woodrell, Winter's Bone.

It is a visceral, gripping novel, revealing a slice of life that is often ignored in America... grinding rural poverty.