26 April 2013

A first foray into fermenting food

I learn the coolest stuff from the "New Book Shelf" at the library. Because I pick up books that pique my fancy, but that I would likely never go on the hunt for.

A month or so ago I noticed The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fermenting Foods. Hmmm....

23 April 2013

Pat, Wil. Wil, Pat! Now we're all friends!

Let me tell you about this cool thing that happened!
Wil Whalen

My friend Wil Whalen writes DangerWilRobinson, a blog focusing on the local (Maine) music scene.

Pat Keane

My friend Pat Keane is my son's (extraordinarily patient) guitar teacher and is a mastering engineer par excellence.

Last year there was a moment of connection between the three of us (for the life of me, I can't remember the details, gentlemen... was it that Pat was finishing the mastering for a band that Wil was featuring?)

16 April 2013

Wesley McNair, The Words I Chose

Confession: This isn't a review as much as a jumbled mess of thoughts and feelings.

Reading Wesley McNair is surreal in the extreme for me. I am still processing.

Wesley McNair
He writes about people and places I know with aching frankness.  He writes about the abuse and sadness inflicted on him, in particular by his stepfather.

Even the photos are familiar.

Wesley's stepfather, Paul Joly, is my great-uncle.

02 April 2013

Library budget cuts are penny wise, pound foolish

The City of South Portland is proposing a $5,000 cut to the "collections" budget at the public library.

Now, I understand that it's not the only city department facing cuts, but the cost/benefit ratio of keeping our library current is HUGE.

South Portland is a great community because we pull together and benefit together as a community.  I don't have a swimming pool, but my son is learning to be a great swimmer because we have an indoor community pool.  We have wonderful parks, the rec center, athletic fields, a municipal golf course.  We share these because we've decided we'd rather own these as a community than close them off to all but the well-heeled members of a country club.