12 June 2012

Spelling rant #1

We're getting to know each other better, so true confessions: I loathe bad spelling and grammar.

One of my husband's colleagues happened to read some of my writing recently, and remarked that even in casual correspondence (an email note to DH), I'm "formal."  If by that he means that I use proper capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and syntax, well, so be it.  I'll be the Grammar Queen of England.

Here's today's doozy:

I don't know who MK is, but if this purveyor of supposedly-awesome outdoor clothing can't copy-edit their advertising, I'm not even going to extend them the courtesy of clicking on their link to find out (not even to write them a nasty-gram).  Even if my husband were Grizzly Adams, Bear Grylls, or The Crocodile Hunter, he couldn't love the outdoors enough for me to buy clothes from MK.   "Dad's" is singular possessive... as in "Dad's piece of rope, Dad's blue shirt, Dad's overgrown lawn, or Dad's Irish setter".  Conversely, "Dads" is plural.  And as you might be banking on, MK, there are multiple Dads being feted (fĂȘted?) on Father's Day.  Or is that Fathers' Day?  Or just plain Fathers Day? 

BTW, I might love proper spelling and grammar, but I'm not immune from making my own mistakes.  Feel free to point them out, if you see them, and put me in my place!


  1. Grrr I hate that one!!!! I have many adult friends that sign their cards "The Muppet's". Drives me!!!

  2. I saw the same mistake on some text on TV last night - can't remember which channel.... come on, people!