11 February 2013

Longfellow Books falls victim to Nemo, Blizzard of 2013

"Water is no friend to a book."  Chris Bowe, Longfellow Books

During the blizzard this weekend, a window in the floor above the store blew open overnight.  The pipes froze and set the sprinkler system off.  Then all hell broke loose.

When I watch the video, I see the pain on Chris' face.  I can't know the extent of his pain, because these aren't just books he loves, this is his livelihood.  I know that I would have terrible grief for my books if we had a horrible incident at our home.


This absolutely breaks my heart.  It's one of my favorite haunts on a lunchtime walk.

I'm still a very loyal customer! 

Longfellow Books, Resurgam!


  1. We are all sending our best wished to Chris and crew! We will be there with bells on when they reopen!

  2. Three cheers for Wendy & friends! Buy Local! Buy Local!