23 April 2013

Pat, Wil. Wil, Pat! Now we're all friends!

Let me tell you about this cool thing that happened!
Wil Whalen

My friend Wil Whalen writes DangerWilRobinson, a blog focusing on the local (Maine) music scene.

Pat Keane

My friend Pat Keane is my son's (extraordinarily patient) guitar teacher and is a mastering engineer par excellence.

Last year there was a moment of connection between the three of us (for the life of me, I can't remember the details, gentlemen... was it that Pat was finishing the mastering for a band that Wil was featuring?)

I love meeting people!  And I love introducing people to each other when I know they have common interests!

So for something a little different on The Page Turner, here's Wil's recent interview with Pat:

I like reading Pat's list of his favorite musicians, and I love that Pat taught "Smells Like Teen Spirit" to my son for his first "recital."  No "Minuet in G" for this fine young man.  Right on, Pat!

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