03 December 2013

The Maine Readers' Choice Award Longlist is out!

I've made passing reference to the Maine Readers' Choice Award a couple of times... I'm a member of the 2014 Reading Committee.  Here's the skinny:

"The Maine Readers’ Choice Award, officially established in 2013 by the Maine State Library and the Maine Library Association, recognizes the best in adult  fiction published in the United States the previous year.  The aim of this award is to increase awareness and reading of literary fiction.  The Maine Readers’ Choice Award honors books that exhibit exceptional writing and a compelling story that encourages reading and conversation among individuals and in Maine’s communities."

Been wondering about the books under consideration for the 2014 Maine Readers' Choice Award?

Wonder no more!

131 books in total!  With pictures and short descriptions and everything!

Now, fear not, friends, I'm not "required" to read all of them (haha: "required."  Like that would be a punishment or something :-).  We've divvied both the list and the committee.  We're each assigned to read about 25 books.  And even among that list of 25, we can be "brutal readers," in that if we don't like it well enough to push it to the Short List, we needn't finish it.

Of my sub-committee list, I've read 8 and started-and-quit 5. I'm reading one right now, leaving 11 that I have yet to leap into.  (I've been procrastinating a teensy bit, because as much as I like fiction, and I do, I feel like I need a non-fiction "fix" right now.)

Review copies of each book have been graciously provided to me by the publishers.  Everytime I look fondly on the glacier of books that has formed at home, courtesy of this project, all I can think about is my very favorite Twilight Zone episode: Time Enough at Last. I love my family and friends, my job, and the other things going on in my life, but, man, wouldn't it be cool if the ONLY thing I really HAD to do was read?!

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