18 November 2011

Anna Karenina, Parts 3 and 4

Levin can't make up his mind... does he love farming or loathe it?  Are the peasants shiftless, or just misdirected?  Does he want to be with Kitty, or is he too proud/shy to have contact with her again?  Is he traditional?  Progressive?  I think that Levin is like many of us: complicated.  Changeable.  He'd like the world to be in black & white, but like it or not, it's in Technicolor.

And Anna.  Anna, Anna, Anna.  Yep, your life is a wreck.  Your lover knocked you up, you're living this estranged life from your husband, but still with him in the house.  For the sake of propriety, or society, or the servants, or most of all your son, although we don't see much contact between the two of you.  Where is this Seryozha?

Sometimes it's a little tough to know exactly what's going on (like, how pregnant IS she?) because Tolstoy is so Victorian about it.  She's crocheting something with white yarn, so I think the implication is that she's "showing."

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