03 August 2012

The Olympics are stealing my reading time!

Okay, big departure from books.  Allow me this moment.


Summer and Winter Games.  The pageantry of the opening ceremonies.  The stories about the athletes, and their parents. Overcoming injuries and setbacks.  I even love the commercials (those P&G ones have actually made me cry.... they really know how to make dirty laundry an emotional moment, huh?!).  I love that we sort out our political differences on a volleyball court, on a football pitch, in a swimming pool.

I love the Queen & 007 jumping out of a chopper, and Paul McCartney (and the whole world) singing "Hey Jude."  I even loved that big creepy baby.

Shedding tears of defeat, tears of joy... a Russian gymnast having a hissy fit, an American swimmer breaking the world record, then breaking her OWN world record the next day.  Seeing Michael Phelps shining Golden again (honestly, that first race, when the announcers were talking about him failing so bad it's as though the lifeguards had to rescue him gasping from the pool... people, he came in 4th... in the world!).

So, I'm not reading all that much, I'm getting to bed way too late, and my eyes are turning googly from too much TV.

But I love the Olympics!  They'll be over in just another week or so!  I think I might finish a book between now & then, but no promises :-)

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