24 January 2014

Obsessed with knitting

I've been reading, yes I have.  Believe me, that never stops.

But I've also been knitting.  A lot.  And thinking and reading about knitting.

I'm a lifelong knitter.  Like, nearly every day since I was 7.  And with this bitter cold weather we've had, all I want to do it wrap myself up in a whole heap of wool.

So I've been poring over knitting books and websites lately too.

Ravelry is so amazing.  If you are a knitter and you haven't found your way there yet, come on in!  It has transformed the way I think about this craft, plan my project, buy yarn... the works.  If you are a Ravelry member, you can come look at my portfolio!

I'm participating in a couple of "challenges" right now: a "sock" challenge (knit a pair of socks that incorporate lace!) and I'm test-knitting a soon-to-be-published pattern for a designer.  So, both of these have kept me pretty busy - those needles are on FIRE!

But I've been reading about knitting too.  Again, one of my favorite sources of knitting books? Yep, the library.

Metropolitan Knits: really chic designs.  Interweave Press is my favorite publisher in the knitting world.

Knitting Everyday Finery - ho hum.  Cute designs, but nothing that really strikes my fancy as I GOTTA MAKE THAT!  Nice for beginners, though.

Sock Knitter's Handbook: Even though I knit half a dozen pairs of socks each year, there is still more to learn.  Various heel and toe designs, best practices for fit, etc.

Cast On Bind Off.  WOW.  For many years I used a SINGLE cast-on technique, and a SINGLE bind-off technique.  In the last five year or so I've branched out and can do, say, about 3 cast-ons and bind-offs without a visual reference (and a couple more by re-watching the YouTube tutorial).  Like the rest of the books, I borrowed this from the library, but I plan to buy this.  Extremely useful reference for choosing best technique for the challenge at hand.  Details can make or break a project.

Sock Knitting Master Class:  Heaven on earth.  Gorgeous, inspiring designs. (Also published by, you guessed it, Interweave.) Even though I probably won't make most of these (socks tend to be my "portable project," so I don't usually makes ones that are too "fussy" and require a lot of my attention while I knit - which is why I LOVE self-striping yarn) I really appreciate the beauty and creativity of these designs... taking something most people don't even think of (a sock!) and turn it into art!  There's even a DVD included with this book.  Now THERE's something I'm sure my husband and son can't WAIT to endure watch!

How great is it when two of my greatest interests - reading and knitting - collide like this?!

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  1. Thanks for the reviews, which have lead me to buy Cast On Bind off. A friend had also recommended it, so this review sealed the deal!